Welcome to Panther Creek Cottage. I'm Betty, the scrappy + tender hearted Cottage Woman

I've lived and loved here some 30 years with my wonderful husband, lovingly referred to as The Head Hillbilly

I'm a believer in home and hearth as the center of family nurture and togetherness. Where hearts grow in faith and love towards God and one another, and where laughter isn't optional.

We're a family of modest means, but adhere to living creatively and happily within our means.  It has served us well and if by a few words shared here I can be of encouragement to others I would be infinitely blessed.  I've swept the hearth and straightened the welcome mat, c'mon in!  

P.S. Your kind words mean a lot to me.  

Pepper me with your questions, humor and antic dotes. It's my sincere pleasure to respond to your comments.

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