Monday, September 1, 2008


Another Memorial Day has arrived, and "sigh" these beautiful late summer days are fading fast. Hub worked this holiday as usual. The company he works for shuts down for a few days, giving most employees a mini vacation except the maintenance guys (my hub is one) stay on to maintenance the machines. Soooooo.... I mowed the lawn for dear hub, making a deposit in the ol' Love Bank.

And sooooo...looky here!

I know, can't help it, all my posts are just a few degrees from compost, but isn't she a beauty in the making?!!!! What to do with all the compost? Hmmmmm.......

Borders my friend, that little space between lawn and garden, the line every agressive lawn likes to cross. I put a nice layer of newspaper here, topped it with nicely rotting straw from the goat barn (nice goaties) and then..........

Finished it off with a nice layer of compost to hold it all in place. Oh... the earthy wormy glory of it all!

Ohhhhh. the sore achy back! Ah, I think it's time to stop now and mosy on over here to enjoy the smells of summer........ And,

....... enjoy some of these beauties while I think about the withdrawal I will soon be taking out of the Ol' Love Bank!



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