Monday, February 22, 2010

Dirt Cheap!

Seed starting time has come again. I would be dreaming of warm spring days to come about right now. But hey! We got the best weather ever around these parts. Freaky weird. I was able to enjoy the rare sunshine to get my little flats ready for starting seeds. Thought I'd share about a nifty little tool HH made for me. You know HH. Head Hillbilly? He's always amakin' me stuff, God blessem".

A perfectly simple item made of 1"x2" lumber with fine mesh screening tacked on. Great. I can easily shred up large chunks of peat moss with this puppy. A handy little mill for the cottage woman. Cause she be cheap and don't wanna buy the high falutin' bag of premium seed starting medium!

Add a good helping of perlite and mix well.

There you have it. Your own premium dirt. CHEAP.


C-ingspots said...

Hey there you crazy cottage woman!! Have I told you lately that I love you!!?? Well, I do dammit, can you see that I am your friend?? Crazy cottage woman - I am your friend!!
Don't forget it.

Ali said...

I love the screen mom! I need one of those when I go through all this raw sheep wool. All of the poop can fall through!

Love you lots!


panthercreekcottage said...

oh yeah ali this tool would be great for you. yoohoo Adam, where are you?

Lor...eeee... oh wise and crazy horse woman. I do see. shumanitatanka owagee... I will always be your friend. ( I raise my spear here)