Thursday, February 3, 2011


Old Fence boards are one of my favorite choices for signage. This particular one I have hanging in my workshop. Not studio, a workshop okay? I just can't go there. My hillbillyness won't abide it.

So in my workshop, above a window, is this sign. I have made this sign for a few friends too. Friends who have barns. Friends who have barns with horses in them. Friends who know what this sign means and totally get it.

Like Biff and Lorie of C-ing Spots Appaloosas. If I saunter into their barn for a visit with the ponies and see my sign there, Well, it's makes this cowgirl wannabe happy.

And after much thought I really have to ask you friends,


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C-ingspots said...

Being the nosey, busybody that I just knew that I'd come asniffin' around to see what you meant, didn't ya? :) I still love that sign that you gave us! Hangs proudly in the barn where everybody exclaims..."what the heck does that say anyway!?" Love it! And, that card that you sent your it! Dang you're creative!! And lastly...CONGRATULATIONS ON THE HOUSE SALE!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo happy for you guys...awesome!!!