Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hillbilly Basket

Suddenly my world is perfect. Yesterday was the first truly dry day here at the cottage and I have been lovin' every minute puttering around the garden. I'ts got my juices goin' deciding what seeds or starts to plant where in the garden and even poured over into other creative projects. I pulled together some items around the farm, chicken wire, twigs and even some rusty metal and a big old rusty nail.

I present to you my whacky Hillbilly basket!

I'm thinking a trio of plantings for this darlin'. Shiso, basil and peppermint.

Oh, and I also gathered more sticks and twigs to make a trellis for my Scarlet Runner beans. Woodoggie! I'm on a roll.

God bless you & your garden, friend!

1 comment:

Feminist Farmer's Wife said...

I always manage to get a good smile about your posts. This one was no exception. I don't know which I like more - the basket or the name for it.