Monday, January 16, 2012

This just in....SNOW!

Yesterday morning we awoke to this!

Everything in black and white! What I love about the new fallen snow is the way it reflects daylight brilliantly through our cottage windows, shining a glorious light on these dim and gray winter days. It's a short lived experience here in Oregon's Pacific Northwest, so it's cherished all the more for as long as it lasts.

I'm excited to share my results from the natural dyeing I did recently.

I experimented with Black Walnut, Rose hips & Hawthorn berries and dyed a wool skein, muslin, vintage lace and hankies. Also some cotton and linen thread. What to make with it I do not know. But I feel inspired just looking at the complimentary pieces.

Anyone out there ever force bulbs? This was my first time and I totally get why folks do this. With snow on the ground it feels so Springy and hopeful to see bulging bulbs throwing out spikes of green.

Narcissus I have learned can become quite tall and gangly. I've also learned that if you water your bulbs with 1part Gin (or your favorite) with 8 parts water you can stunt their growth habit by half and avoid the tipsy. No fun for you Narcissus!

This is where I've been.

And where have you been lately?


C-ingspots said...

Looks like you've been up to some interesting projects lately. I love the lace and the pretty! The wool turned out of my favorite tones of earthy brown. And again, just had to thank you for my hat! I absolutely love it! It fits my head and my distaste for tight things. It's been getting a fair amount of use lately. :) So, in answer to your question, I've been sitting on my ass a lot lately. We're so slow at work I wonder why I even show up. What a drag it's been. Biff and I have decided to put our house on the market. Hopefully it sells for big bucks so we can move to central Oregon. I'm already having short-timers because I wish we were there already. Hopefully it's a sound decision. Keep us in your prayers ok? We're praying for guidance and wisdom. Love you my friend...had such a good time at your house. Wonderful way to ring in the new year!!

panthercreekcottage said...

Okay Miss Lorie, we need breakfast soon with that kinda news!Moving!?

Love you