Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Every spring like most folks I get my busy on in the cottage, gardens, and farm.  Dusty sheer curtains need washing as well as the windows and tracks.  The barn needs sprucing up for new baby goaties, the flower gardens tidied and the vegetable garden prepped for seeding. The list goes on doesn't it?    

It was a natural step for me then to direct a little attention to sprucing up my blog just a tad bit.  Just a little shining up akin to a fresh coat of paint to the old wooden porch.  At least it makes me smile and keeps the creative juices flowing right?

Being that I do tend to dawdle and produce as the creative urge dictates, I began with my header.  I loved the simple stick figure drawing of my original header made by my creative granddaughter Madeline.  I didn't want to depart from the child like simplicity it evoked, so with the same theme in mind I drew a little illustration similar to the first representation of our little cottage in the woods. 

 I have always admired the simple line art of  German/Swiss Artist Paul Klee1879-1940. He too was inspired by the beauty and innocence of children's art which was the muse for much of his work.

 The method he practiced here was of trying to draw one continuous line to form the picture. He called drawing like this from a single point on a page as "taking a dot for a walk".  And I love it!

I didn't quite fulfill the scope of Paul Klee's method but I'm satisfied with the simplicity I captured in conveying life here at Panther Creek Cottage.  I hope you like it too.

Happy Spring to you! And may God bless you with many creative moments too!

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C-ingspots said...

Good morning Miss Betty! I do like what you've done with the place, and always, love, love, love your cute little country porch!! Happy Spring to you my friend!!