Thursday, December 23, 2010

:<>: Joyous Christmas :<>:

I remember this picture taken a few years back from our front yard looking on down yonder toward Panther Creek. The quiet hush of a snowy winters morning and the warm feeling that swept over me during those peaceful moments just taking in the view.

I'll be signing off for awhile to spend time with family and friends for the Holiday season. But I'll come a knockin' in the chilly month of January 2011, and I'll be bringing some hot & hearty soup.

From me, the cottage woman, and the head hillbilly, wishing y'all a joyous and blessed Christmas. And may your New Year be filled with hope, and many peaceful moments

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

What a lovely photo. Our trees look a lot like that right now and I just told Ryan I need to get some photos.

Thanks for the comment. I'm totally going to tell Franco he's giving me the globular eye. ;)